Pakistan today denied a visa to actor and BJP sympathiser Anupam Kher who was scheduled to attend the Karachi Literature Festival as one of the guests. Curiously the Pakistan government has proffered no definitive reason for denying Mr Kher a visa. 
Ironically the 17 other applicants from India including top Congress leader Salman Khurshid has got a visa and has left for Pakistan. NewsX spoke to the Karachi Lit Fest director who told us that one of the reasons may have been that Mr Kher is a vocal critic of Pakistan and is also an advocate for the rights of Kashmiri Hindus who were hounded out of the valley at gun point. 
Mr Kher himself feels that he has been punished for being pro-Modi and for his advocacy against Pakistan-sponsored terror. Surprisingly some of the Indian invitees including Salman Khurshid seemed to doubt Mr Kher. 
Salman Khurshid for instance feels that Mr Kher may be trying to make too much out of the rejection. Mr Kher has taken a dim view of fellow Indian invitees doubting his claims saying that at a time such as this it would have made more sense for the others to stand in solidarity with him, refuse the invitations and expose Pakistan’s intolerance.