After suffering 3 humiliating defeats at the hands of Indian braves, Pakistani dictator Zia ul Haq had propagated the policy of bleeding India through thousand cuts. It was the first step taken by the Pakistan state to wage a proxy war against India, first in Punjab and then in Kashmir. Almost 4 decades later, Pakistani establishment, for the very first time has admitted that yes, it uses terrorism as an integral part of its foreign policy. The admission has been made by a Pakistani parliamentary panel headed by ruling Muslim league Nawaz MP Awais Ahmad Leghari. The panel report has shown the mirror to its own government. NewsX has accessed the panel report which states, “Pakistan should not encourage calls for active support to armed, banned, militant groups in Kashmir.” Pakistan’s dirty secret is once and for all out, and has dismantled the charade of peace of the Sharif government.
Now will Mr. Nawaz Sharif, who projects himself as a helpless PM, who is not in control, answer? With this admission, can the Indian government really trust the civilian dispensation, because even decades later, Pakistan still wants to bleed India through a thousand cuts.