The absconding Umar Khalid of JNU, charged with sedition, resurfaced after 10 days in the JNU campus. Ten days of cops on a man-hunt for him. Ten days when the nation simmered over the anti-India chants in what has been called a ‘safe haven’.
Umar and his Afzal league may be back, but there is a stand-off in JNU. With cops at the doorsteps of the campus, the VC has barred them from entering the campus and arresting the accused.
Umar Khalid has resurfaced along with the rest of the ‘Afzal league’, but he remains defiant. He contends he never raised anti-India slogans; never insulted his motherland.
He seems to have conveniently forgotten the slogans these so-called patriots raised for Azadi in JNU during the cultural programme titled — The country without a post office.