It is often said history is written by the victors, and 2 years ago BJP made history by storming to parliament with a thumping majority. But has the brute majority given the NDA government the right to re-write history?
This is what the opposition is asking as union minister VK Singh demands renaming Delhi’s famous Akbar Road after Maharana Pratap — the celebrated warrior king of the present day Rajasthan.
 VK Singh has in fact written a letter in this regard to urban development minister Venkaiah Naidu. The opposition — especially the Congress is unhappy as any renaming of Akbar Road will alter the address of the India’s grand old party — headquartered at 24, Akbar Road.
 But those demanding the rechristening are not without logic either. Several roads in the national capital are named after Babur, Akbar, Humayun, Aurangzeb — all conquerors who invaded and later settled in India and gave a new direction to the country.
 Supporters of the move say what then is wrong in giving credit long due to India’s heroes. How can it be dubbed an attack on secularism as the opposition charges? And can opposition actually view any move of the government and blame it on one impending election or another? Must majoritarian views be sidelined simply because they will be dubbed as anti-minority?