It could well be the 3rd big expose in ten days that could severely dent the AAP govt’s claims of being a squeaky clean Sarkaar. After the ‘AAP 21’ controversy and the water scam, #NewsX has accessed key documents that show that the AAP government, since 2014, has not lifted a finger to cancel contracts with a vendor who has been found guilty of irregularities in connection with the manufacture of high security number plates. The AAP govt has refused to act despite a high powered committee concluding that there was every risk to national security after the vendor contracted to manufacture high security number plates was found sub-contracting it to entities with dubious antecedents. 
What’s more, the Supreme Court has also upheld the findings of the committee and after the top court’s observations even the Madhya Pradesh and Sikkim government snapped the contracts it had entered into with this particular vendor but not the Kejriwal government. This ambivalence is now forcing the opposition BJP to question the intent of the AAP government and its reluctance to act in the face of a racket that purportedly is running into 300 crores.