The United Nations in a landmark and historic move has voted to create an LGBT watchdog. The new subset of the world organisation is mandated to monitor and help curb violence against gay, bisexual and trasngender people. The watchdog will report annually on the developments and support national governments.
23 nations supported the resolution while 18 opposed citing cultural sensitivities among other reasons. INDIA ABSTAINED!
Yes, India abstained in what is a historic move to protect those who are already on the margins of society. It is worth remembering here that one of the top NDA ministers had indicated recently the government must move to protect LGBTs.
Even a top RSS functionary softened its stand on the rights of LGBTs. But when it came to making the right move India backtracked.
Here’s an example: Pakistan opposed the resolution as did most Islamic and African countries. So it is worthwhile to ask how will India reclaim its rightful place in the world when it refuses to stand by the marginalised. We all know what hate does. The 49 dead bodies that fell to bullets last month in Orlando are a living example of the insufficient progress in protecting the vulnerable.
No one is saying promote gay sex. But then, is it even human to kill in the name of culture. Are we a nation of cultural crusaders? It’s high time we thought about it.