Even as the world struggles to come to terms with the Dhaka attack, a shocking fact has come to the fore. The terrorists who perpetrated the heinous attack were not only instructed by Pakistan but were inspired by an Indian Islamic preacher.
Mumbai-based Zakir Naik peddles his obnoxious propaganda on Peace TV. Zakir has at various times refused to term Osama bin laden a terrorist; endorsed ISIS in allowing its brutes to have sex with female slaves among other obtuse hate-filled pullulations. For these rants Zakir Naik has been banned in most countries including Muslim-majority Indonesia. But here in India Zakir finds himself elevated to celebrity status.
Instead of condemning him in India he is often defended by the liberal league. Even today after it came to the fore that his hate rants inspired the Dhaka 7 to kill wantonly, a large section of self-styled humanists defend his right to preach.
This tolerance is in stark contrast to the barbs individuals like Irrfan Khan were pelted with when he called for constructive introspection. Why these double standards?