Separatists flared up the valley at the death of a Hizbul militant Burhan Wani. Jamat-ud-Dawa Chief Hafiz Saeed has admitted it was a Lashkar ‘ameer’ who led the Burhan Wani funeral procession. Nawaz Sharif the Pakistan prime minister who had once lost power in a coup and is so weak that there’s always a fear of imposition of martial law in Pakistan only recently said Kashmir will be Pakistan’s one day. All these developments are a clear reminder who is stoking unrest in Kashmir. On the other side – in the Pak occupied Kashmir there’s a revolution. People are coming out on streets and protesting rigged elections.
There is anger, there is a sense of historical injustice at the sham democracy they have been offered. People are braving ‘lathis’ and ‘bullets’ but Pakistan is brutally crushing down dissent. So a country that has no moral right to even govern its own people – a country whose only so called contribution is nuclear proliferation and terror export – well, how reasonable is it to talk to such a country.
 Has India been too soft on its neighbor? Has India gained anything over the decades by engaging Pakistan in dialogue? Or is it that Pakistan’s malevolence has been rewarded? Has this unbridled faith in the so called good elements in Pakistan hurt India’s interests?