Over the past few days, despite the Modi government’s reluctance, several Opposition parties have been pushing for dialogue with a group of India haters backed by Pakistan in Kashmir to address what they call is the sense of alienation among the people. Even today, this view was aggressively pushed during the all-party meet by Opposition parties who regard themselves as the ambassadors of ‘Insaniyat.’
But the Prime Minister surgically exposed their claims. Like a barrister, the PM cited evidence to show that the root of the problem in Kashmir was not alienation but Pak sponsored terror. In support of his argument, the PM listed the 34,000 AK-47s, 5000 grenade launchers, 90 light machine guns, 12,000 revolvers, 3 anti-tank missiles and 4 anti-aircraft guns recovered from Kashmir over the past 25 years as physical evidence of Pak’s role. Not just this, the PM also sought to embarrass the Opposition and the doves by suggesting that they had systematically failed to ignore the voice of Kashmiris in PoK.
The PM said that if there has to be a dialogue on Kashmir, it must include Indians in PoK and even Balochistan. It must be asked why Opposition political parties like the Congress, CPM, JDU, who are demanding talks with Pakistan and Pak agents were not aware of this? Is it their case that the Modi government should legitimise these anti-nationals who consort with Pak to destabilise J&K?
Is it their case that those who are arming our youth with stones and brainwashing them into picking up the gun should be sitting opposite our elected representatives discussing the future of Kashmir. We, here at NewsX,  would sincerely hope that better sense prevails and these Opposition parties fall behind the line drawn by the PM today to put India first.