Insight: Left backs ‘Pak agents’ but tags RSS anti-national?

The Left government in Kerala is mulling a ban on allowing RSS ‘shakhas’ in Devaswom temples. The Left believes that under the guise of running ‘shakhas’ the RSS is converting temples into a place for concealing arms. 
The putative ban has lead to the RSS reacting with venom accusing the Left of intolerance against a cultural organisation that works for the betterment of the Hindu community. 
The RSS has also questioned the timing of the Left offensive. One top officer bearer speaking to NewsX has pointed out that the Left’s paranoia is linked directly to the success of BJP in the recently concluded assembly polls which benefitted from RSS’s success in rallying the Hindu community behind one flag. 
Interestingly, the Left which is today cracking down on the RSS for posing a threat to national security had no compunctions in supporting the Afzal league in JNU and PAK agents in the Kashmir valley. It is this dichotomy that is raising doubts about the Left’s proposed action against the RSS. 

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