Insight: Airlines oppose VVIP perks, but MPs demand more

A day after NewsX took the lead in reporting that several private airlines had opposed extending privileges and perks to Members of Parliament several MPs have protested.
In fact some have even gone a step further saying that these perks and privileges should be even extended to ex-MPs. The list of favours will upset you. Sample this.
Netas want reserved front row seats as if they are a cut above other Indians. They want cheaper fares, i.e., exemptions from surge pricing as if they are worse off than you. They want escorts to greet them at airports and cars to ferry them from the lounge to the tarmac. Presumably these MPs think they are modern-day maharajas who are a cut above you.
If you don’t put your foot down today take it from us – the lal batti culture will soon take wings.

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