Insight: 1st ever surgical strike — Action over restraint; Modi flexes India’s muscle

At 2 am this morning India avenged Uri. Shades of Abbotabad come to mind. A stealth operation across the LoC resulted in about 30 to 35 terrorists in PoK being neutralised.
It didn’t come as a surprise that 2 of the dead were Pak army soldiers. After all the Pak army and terrorists have long shared a bed. What did surprise was that India adopted such a muscular approach.
Apart from making hard-hitting statements and resorting to the ritualistic practice of sharing dossiers the Centre has been most reluctant to call Pakistan’s bluff and cross the ‘Lakshman rekha’ to punish Pakistan. Why?
Why is it today more about the triumph of political will than military might?  After all ours is the same army, with the same equipment and fighting the same Pakistan.

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