Living Cars: First Ride — Honda CBR 650F

For the longest time in India superbikers have always found it easier to identify with motorcycles that have Japanese roots rather than the ones that come with European or American lineage. That has given some boost to the likes of Suzuki and Honda who have been able to create a space for themselves in this very competitive segment.
However, the segment that ranges between 500 to 800cc hasn’t been explored by bike makers as much as the litre class segment. And here Honda senses an opportunity with the CBR 650F, which has been a very popular set of wheels globally.
It’s the sort of bike that satisfies the superbike ambitions of a biker and still doesn’t force the buyer to spend upwards of 10 lakh rupees.
Shams Naqvi on NewsX gets astride the CBR 650F for this detailed test ride.

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