Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, A maxim of Martin Luther King that applies without modification to the war on terror and reverberates tonight along the fingertips of Mumbai and India. 
The focus is back on Pakistan, the man who was the 26/11 Operation Spymaster has this evening turned an approver in the 26/11 Case in Mumbai. David Coleman Headley on a teleconference from a prison in Chicago said, he’ll accept his guilt and serve as a witness, if he’s given a pardon. Granted, said the court. 
This comes just a day after India re-opened a comprehensive dialogue with P
akistan and a renewed commitment. This time from the generals to deliver justice for the 166 lives lost in Mumbai over those fateful 72 hours 7 years ago. 
It’s the biggest development in the 26/11 Case since the hanging of Ajmal Kasab. Headley is the man who knows the ISI handlers, their names, their ranks, the funding and the training that went behind the plot. He simply knows even more than Kasab did. But will these developments lead to some material progress in nailing Pakistan. The house is divided, hope remains.