The government has been working to secure the passage of all important GST or One-Tax-For-One-Nation reform. So far, the government’s efforts have been thwarted by a combination of factors. 
On the one hand it’s own ability to not adequately manage the floor of the house and outsmart the opposition in particular the Congress. But more importantly the government has had to contend with an energised congress led by an unusually combative Rahul Gandhi. 
The Congress first managed to delay the GST by seeking a debate on Intolerance and then jumped on to the Herald issue to disrupt Parliament crying vendetta and breach of trust. But the Congress realised that its carefully constructed concert with other parties on the intolerance issue did not extend to an issue in which the Gandhis’ were the principal actors. 
Sensing trouble, the Congress has now been hunting for one reason or the other to stall the gst and corner the government in the house. Has the bid to save the face of two individuals namely the Gandhis’ blown up in the Congress’s face?