If December 7, 1941 was a day that marked a severe instance of infamy in the United States, then December 20, 2015 should be declared as the day of India’s own taste of its infamy. Nirbhaya’s brutal rapist is roaming free, and we’ve been told that there’s nothing we can do about it. The law does not always equate to justice.
The stillness is still reigning, not in the streets where the rape happened, but in India’s house of elders, amongst a community of people’s representative who have squabbled and bickered on all issues politic, but ultimately failed to deliver a lesson in memoriam to Nirbhaya. For weeks, the govt departments, agencies, statutory bodies at State and Centre knew this was coming: we on NewsX have been warning them for 60 days. But only in the 11th hour is appeal taken to the Supreme Court. And tonight, Nirbhaya’s parents have been taken away for detention for violating prohibitory orders for wanting to protest. So the question that remains is ever more poignant: Can our MPs take 2 hours from their life to pass the bill in the 3 days they have left?