Three bills were passed in parliament today in less than 10 minutes, but the bill to ensure that juveniles who are old enough to rape stay in jail even after they turn 18, was not one of them. Our representatives in parliament squandered a god-given opportunity to correct the tragically lopsided scales of justice on a day when even the Supreme Court expressed the inability to keep Nirbhaya’s brutal tormentor in jail even for a day beyond his 18th birthday. 
In other words today our parliamentarians failed Nirbhaya once again. In fact what’s really shocking is that they argued about whether the govt violated norms when it without prior notice listed the bill for tabling as part of the supplementary list of business. 
Simply put our callous members of parliament were more concerned about form than about the substantive need to insulate 50 per cent of this population. 
In the absence of the bill it is impossible to avert the prospect of women falling victim to the deprivations of juveniles released without having been reformed sufficiently enough so as to not pose a threat to society. While MPs were playing out this farce, Nirbhaya’s mother found herself abandoned to fend for justice for her daughter. 
That incident viewers will recall brought tears to some parliamentarians. That today these same MPs don’t care exposes their hypocrisy that is not just condemnable but is unforgivable. We will ask tonight these hypocritical mps why they could not bring themselves to pass the Nirbhaya law not today but 7 months back.