Arvind Kejriwal has today realised the cost of taking on Arun Jaitley, arguably the most powerful minister in the NDA. Stung by the accusations of fraud levelled by the Delhi chief minister, Mr Jaitley today marched supporters in toe to the courts and filed a Rs 10 crore defamation suit. 
Mr Kejriwal reacted with characteristic bluster, accusing Mr. Jaitley of intimidation to suppress the Aam Aadmi’s voice that is speaking up for the fight on graft. But the Delhi chief minister’s retort raises several questions. 
First, by reading motives into the defamation suit, is AAP speaking up for slander politics? Second, is the AAP justified in dismissing as intimidation the right of an individual to defend his name? Third, by the same token will Kejriwal accept that when he threatened defamation suits he was intimidating his opponents? And lastly most crucially by filing the defamation case has Jaitley taken the lead in the court of public perception?