Days after Kirti Azad waded into the DDCA favours row he has been suspended by the party. Azad had set tongues wagging in his party by backing the Aam Aadmi Party’s top leadership’s accusations against Arun Jaitley, arguably the most powerful minister of the NDA. 
Though Kirti Azad stopped short of naming Jaitley, his outbursts have evidently not gone down well with the BJP president Amit Shah who in a terse one-line note justified the suspension on grounds of anti-party activities. Azad was the picture of righteous indignation accusing the BJP of muzzling the voice of honesty and threatening to reveal a lot more that could embarrass the BJP. 
Kejriwal and other opposition parties have seized the opportunity to claim that the summary suspension of Azad proves the BJP is soft on corruption. While there is no denying that the BJP reserves the right to impose discipline upon its cadre, the party will have to explain some contradictions before its action can be taken at face-value.