APJ Abdul Kalam, one of India’s greatest modern day icons lies forgotten under a tin-shed five months after his tragic demise. His grave cordoned off by make shift police barricades, open to the elements and unruly tourists who routinely break the barriers to get a closer look forgetting the sanctity of the spot. To add insult to injury dogs and cattle routinely defecate in the vicinity. 
Today NewsX is broadcasting the story of how India has turned its back on this people’s president who put this nation on the map of scientific endeavour. APJ Abdul Kalam meant many things to millions of Indians but it does not seem so to our representatives. 
Both the centre and state leaders lined up to shed crocodile tears when this great man passed away but are today passing the buck when it comes to honouring his legacy. Does APJ Abdul Kalam deserve this? Would his legacy have been disregarded if he was a powerful neta with an army of crazed followers? We let the story speak for itself.