The odd and even formula is mean’t to help curb pollution that has reached toxic levels. The idea is to get cars off the roads as exhaust fumes are thought to be the main culprit. 
The more cars that stay off the road the better for us. So we’re really surprised that Kejriwal has decided to exempt VVIPs from the ambit of the odd and even plan. Now we all know that this is not right. 
If anything, our Netas are supposed to lead by example. If the general are deserting the battle field then how do you except the foot soldiers to fight the battle. 
It can’t be that their convenience is supposed to matter more than the state of our lungs and the air we breathe. 
By exempting the VVIPs including scores of judges, top bureaucrats, ministers and other SPG proctees, kejriwal is perpetuating a class system in which the hardship is borne exclusively by us, the Aam Aadmi. 
It isn’t as if the Netas have no responsibility towards the environment. In fact they have the most to answer for because it is their short-sightedness that has landed us in this mess. 
It isn’t also as if their pollution footprint is negligible. How often have you cursed the gas guzzling convoys of VVIPs that zooms past? Are we to believe that their cars ply on milk and honey? Scrap this VVIP licence to pollute and make every one without exception a stakeholder in cleaning up the air our children breathe.