Call it a strategic masterstroke, call it a leap of faith, call it an exercise in self-delusion, call it what you want but you certainly can’t deny that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has totally changed the narrative on the India-Pakistan story.

In a space of 6 hours the Prime Minister has reversed 3 years of deep mistrust and truculence that has marred ties between the neighbours. Seldom have Indian prime minister’s left such a personalised imprint on the course of relations between the two countries. The outcome and the deliverables may not be clear just as yet, and who knows they might never reveal themselves, but what is clear is that the diplomatic tables have turned on Pakistan to such an extent today that if it dares to now betray India’s faith it will be seen as an irresponsible force for instability in the sub-continent.

The onus is now totally on Pakistan to prove its credentials and that is why in some strategic circles Prime Minister Modi’s outreach is being seen as a strategic masterstroke.
We’ll put this assumption to test.