A terror strike in Pathankot barely seven days after Narendra Modi’s much talked about Lahore hug with Nawaz Sharif. It took just seven days for the warmth and fuzziness of the big media event that was the ‘impromptu’ visit.

The terrorists belonging to the JeM entered from Jaitpura post into Kolia in Pathankot to an airforce base and started firing.

They were challenged by Indian security forces and gunned down after a pitched gun battle that lasted more than 12 hours.

The attacks have opened a gaping wound in the patchwork of the Indo-Pakistan dialogue process especially after the hype it got because of the ‘innovative’ nature of the Nawaz-Modi relationship.

It took just seven days to shatter any trust at least in public sphere but what it also equally interesting to note is the way the prime minister defended his Pakistan policy today.

Now voices in India are already saying that the army in Pakistan is not really behind the idea of talks and the impression that was created that Raheel Sharif was backing Nawaz.

The idea that General Janjua being opposed to Indian NSA Ajit Doval had somehow changed things.

Now that argument has fallen flat today but what does the attack really mean for the Pakistan initiative by Modi?

Has ISI, which we understand planned or actively helped this attack, sent a clear message to India and to Nawaz Sharif?