The tears are fresh, the blood hasn’t dried after Pakistan’s midnight betrayal, but the TMC government of Mamata Banerjee is planning a musical gala with Pakistani Ghazalist Ghulam Ali in a few short days – a fact that her representatives chose to announce with great aplomb and hoopla even as the bullets were still flying in Pathankot.
It’s no coincidence that this is the same individual whom the Shiv Sena had unceremoniously shunted out from Mumbai. Ordinarily, a musical evening would be of little censure, but many in the opposition in Bengal are suggesting that the Mamata govt’s overt effort to publicise it’s hospitality towards this Pakistani Ghazalist is a political statement to win kudos of tolerance to score points at a time when India is bleeding. Should not we reasonably expect political parties of whatever stand & substance to shun converting an artist into a tool of political pointscoring at a time like this?