A day after we brought you a story that nobody dared to tell, NewsX brings you the truth behind the Malda rampage from ground zero. 
Our resident editor, Saurav Sanyal has travelled to the epicentre of communal cauldron in Malda and uncovered truths which raise urgent questions that the Mamata Banerjee govt is obliged to answer. 
From the tell-tale signs of damage and destruction – to the stoic silence of the cops – and even the stealthy attempts to tow away the evidence – all point to 3 key facts. First, the Malda carnage was elaborately plotted, and not a spontaneous outburst. Second, the cops under pressure from certain quarters, not only stood as mute spectators during the riot, but are also did their best to cover-up. Thirdly, the deafening silence of the Mamata govt, raises disturbing questions of possible abetment.