Bringing cheer to the people of Tamil Nadu, the Central Government revoked the ban on the traditional and cultural festival of Jallikattu by bringing in an ordinance.

The Centre has listened to the demand of locals and state regional parties who had been writing to the government time and again to revoke the ban on the festival so that it can be performed in the State.

Many people who were in support for the festival believed that it was because of the ban Tamil Nadu had seen such a severe flood.

The festival was banned after a lot of environmentalists had appealed to the court that it perpetrates violence on animals. But it was after the request from locals, political parties and a lot of participants who argued that the festival was a part and parcel of the cultural rights of the rural community, the government decided to lift the ban with certain guidelines.

The people in the State are extremely excited following the lift of the ban and are looking forward to the festival to be celebrated on Jan 15 and 16. The festival is also important for its religious connotations related to Pongal and fertility.