The violence in Malda was perpetrated by a group of miscreants allegedly affiliated to the edaari sharif , socio religious organisation in Malda allegedly because the group itself has distanced itself from the violence.
Not the protest but the violence that followed the protest.  However NewsX has been reporting that it was indeed the same group that had asked members of a particular community to gather to protest a Hindu mahasbha leader’s blasphemous remarks against the prophet.
Mamata Banerjee said there is no communal angle to it. In fact today she not only reiterated that statement but also said the violence was a result of tensions fanned by the BSF guarding the area and it was a villagers vs BSF scuffle that went out of hand.
Now both versions are not quite so cut and dry. When NewsX spoke to the people whose homes were targeted they clearly suggested that it was a group belonging to a particular community that targeted them.  There was also no police action while the rampage was nor after it.
The opposition called it a law and order situation. In fact the BJP in charge of the state Sidharth Nath Singh said even he doesn’t believe that it was communal, he does said that there is complete breakdown of law and order.
In fact another theory doing the rounds is that the police station was targeted specifically to burn the criminal records of those involved in the fake currency racket that is rampant in Malda.
So was there an attempt at making it look like a communal riot to erase crucial evidence? Even that theory doesn’t answer some fundamental questions if local clerics are confirming there was a call to gather where many Muslims rejected fearing mischief.
Then why did the administration not secure the area? Why was there no police bandobast in the area after posters with potentially inflammatory content were circulated?
And the fact that similar events took place in Baisi police station in Purnea suggested that there could be a deliberate ploy to destabilise the areas and trigger communal conflagration. Question is who is stoking the fire because unfortunately we know why the fire is being stoked in the first place.