Look at the callous irony: Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal has all the time to hobnob with a Pakistani Ghazal singer in Kolkata. She has all the time to pose for pictures with the cultural ambassador of a country that has made its national mission to bleed India but she can’t spare a few minutes to visit Malda where the residents have been left shaken by one of the most vicious mob rampages in recent time. 
NewsX has been investigating the Malda rampage for 6 days. In the course of our investigations we’ve been able to establish that the Malda riots were not a spontaneous act as claimed by the Mamata govt but rather they were a carefully plotted plan by the members of a minority group called the Edara-i-Shariat that has links to an MP in Bihar CM Nitish Kumar’s party. The MP in question has berated NewsX and has dared this channel to prove its claim.
Today we can honestly stand up and inform this MP that we have successfully done so. NewsX has not only tracked down posters issued by the group but also tracked the printer who has confessed that the group asked him to publish 2000 posters calling locals to gather in protest against the vituperative ranting of a Hindu Mahasabha leader in Uttar Pradesh. But none of this proof seems to matter to these so called torch bearers of tolerance. The Nitish led JDU and the Mamata led TMC which have been the first to call for bans on Hindu fringe groups linked to acts of violence are going out of their way to play down and, quite frankly, shield the Edara-i-Sharia. The reasons are obvious. This is poll season and Muslim votes count. The national interest therefore has been hypothecated to the interests of a fringe group that has wittingly or unwittingly become part of a massive plot to destabilise India. We ask these political parties who are blinded by populism to open their eyes and act.