India today put a seal of approval on the barest of cosmetic steps taken by Pakistan welcoming it as a good beginning. On Wednesday, Pakistan announced that it had taken into custody a few JeM foot soldiers and ordered a high level probe into the Pathankot attack. This in itself is an eyewash.
Consider this. If there is enough proof submitted by India to indicate JeM’s involvement and warrant a crackdown then isn’t that reason enough for Pakistan to also take into custody the JeM’s boss Masood Azhar. Of course this logic it seems has been lost on India’s strategists.
The Indian government’s generosity and by extension confidence in Nawaz Sharif may go a long way to shore up the Pak premier’s image but it does nothing for his Indian counterpart who needs to answer some basic questions:  If India is satisfied with Pak’s ‘first steps’ then why defer talks whether at the NSA or FS level?  Is India’s satisfaction borne out of a need to justify Prime Minister’s unprecedented outreach toward Pakistan? And if this isn’t the case then why has India come away satisfied with the barest of cosmetic steps by Pakistan?