‘Et Tu Brutus’ was Caesar’s lament in the Shakespearan anthology as he fell in a bloody toga on the Roman forum two thousand and fifty four years ago, but in Delhi today, it was ink, not blood, that was staining the iconic muffler of the Delhi CM after a woman claiming to have proof of fraud in the odd-even scheme got close enough to fling a cup-full. Those streaks of ink have now turned into viscous sabres in the arena of charged politics. 
A fuming and outraged Aam Aadmi Party is not mincing its words. It is seeing this as a disturbing breach of security imperilling the person and indeed the life of the Delhi CM. In a country where Rajiv, Indira, Phoolan Devi and others have all fallen to plots, the Delhi CM’s deputy has let slip the dogs of war saying an assassination attempt no less is his fear. He points to the lack of security surrounding the Delhi CM and his cabinet at a public function today. Indeed the first respondents who provided the ink shield were civil defence volunteers and not policemen. A stunned police say it’s the CM who refuses to abide by their access control protocols like other VIPs the BJP has taken.