In the right side of your screen is the moment when an IAF officer leading a march-past had his life snuffed out under the screeching wheels of a fancy SUV being driven by the son of a TMC worker. After massive public outrage, the Kolkata police finally nabbed the brat on the left side of your screens 100 hours later. 
Today he was produced in court charged with murder, but he claims he wasn’t drunk, he wasn’t driving, and it wasn’t even his car. His friends who were with him and cast doubts on his sobriety now claim they’re being threatened; some of them are live with us tonight. He was arrested too late for a blood test to confirm alcohol – it sounds so eerily routine, no blood test proof, witnesses intimidated, the cops muddying waters with various claims of who were in the car, sounds familiar? Almost like a standard operating procedure to kill a case, the TMC’s disowned this boy and his father, but is it too late to ensure justice already? Will he get away with murder with the same botch-ups we see case after case. Who can make sure he doesn’t, we ask those questions, here’s what happened.