On the one hand we have the ink attack on Kejriwal in Delhi which has garnered headlines because of the kind of reaction it has elicited from the Aam Aadmi party. The charges read out by key Kejriwal aides range from a PMO-backed conspiracy to an assassination plot against chief minister Kejriwal. 
Now the tone taken by the APP opens it up to allegation by the BJP of trying to drag the PMO unnecessarily on every issue. That’s not all. The Delhi police, another entity in the middle of the AAP/centre war, has also hinted rather strongly that the CM doesn’t keep his security detail in the loop about his movements, implying that Kejriwal questioning the MHA-run Delhi police, as far as lax security is concerned, smacks of double speak, and that the police can’t work to the best of their abilities to protect the CM. 
Now the AAP is still adamant. Going to the extent of saying that an assassination plot against Kejriwal could easily be one of the possibilities. And the ink attack just exposed glaring breaches in the CM’s security. The battle is on and is already being played out in television studios and otherwise. We will try and make sense of each position, no matter how far-fetched or contrived politically it may appear.