Duty. Service. Accountability—three words that the men and women who represent us don’t think applies to them. 
In fact judging by the behaviour of the netas who have been vacationing in the Andamans at public cost, one could safely say they’ve purged them from their conscience. 
But NewsX has not. You vote for them because you trust them to serve you and you’re watching them tonight, because you know we’ll hold them accountable every time they betray your trust. 
It is in that spirit, in deference to that commitment to you, the people of this country, that NewsX posed simple questions to these junket netas. But these netas turned on our news team, NewsX journalists Tapas Sengupta and Sudev Roy were villified, accused and threatened with police cases on the most obtuse of charges. They claimed that asking questions was a violation of privacy. They insisted that demanding accountability was a form of harassment. The charge combines the worst of emergency era repression with street thuggery. 
Tell us, is it a crime to pose questions to our representatives, to expose their duplicity?