Racism is not a word to be used callously. Racism is not something you can cry even if a mob comes and thrashes you. And that is because Racism is not a problem that emanates out of nowhere, rather it is the culmination of a number of problems that when gelled together, lead to the bigger monster of Racism. The reasons could be economic, political, social, cultural, or simply the hatred for other races. Nevertheless, when students from other countries say they are coming under racist attacks, when students say they face problems on a day to day basis – is it then prudent to dismiss as law and order problem when a foreign woman is beaten and stripped in Bengaluru? Is it a mere law and order problem if African students are attacked in Hyderabad? 
Remember, these students are vulnerable, hundreds and thousands of miles from their country of origin – is it not wise to lend them a helping hand? But political correctness does not win votes, and hence we see Netas simply dismissing all allegations at the drop of a hat and training their guns at the media instead. Let’s hear what the students – who are at the receiving end – had to say. And also, what our powerful politicians said about the deplorable Bengaluru and Hyderabad incidents.