It’s a big day for India and for the quest for justice in the 26/11 case. David Coleman Headley the man who served as the eyes of the terrorists and guided them to their targets has finally deposed. In the four hours he was grilled by special public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam, the terrorists peeled away the layers that have obscured Pak’s role. He first traced the attack back to the Lashkar e Toiba and its chief Hafiz Saeed who he said motivated him through leadership courses to join the Lashkar e Toiba and become a potent weapon in the proxy war against India. 
Along the line, Pak ISI agents Major Ali and Major Iqbal provided him logistical support ensuring he could swan in and out of India on fake passports. Headley’s testimony is of vital significance. Because of his access he has been able to directly link Lashkar founder and one of the world’s most wanted terrorists Hafiz Saeed to the 26/11 attacks not to mention the ISI and Pak army. The question then arises can Pakistan now dither over handing over Hafiz Saeed? In fact if Pakistan wants to prove it isn’t a terror state it becomes imperative upon it to handover the Lashkar chief? Wouldn’t inaction by Pak PM Nawaz Sharif tantamount to complicity?