Three young women died in Tamil Nadu demanding action against their exploitative college that had milked them for lakhs of rupees. Unfortunately the college never repaid the debt with an education. In fact the college turned the college girls and several of their batch mates into menial workers—sweeping, swabbing, cooking. 
Their bodies were found at the bottom of a well and suicide note nearby explained the reason why they allegedly took the step. The police bought into the suicide theory and the college shockingly suggested that the girls killed themselves because they were involved in a scandal and feared exposure. Only their parents refused to swallow this malicious attempt at dismissing their daughters’ deaths as a suicide borne out of scandal and weakness. 
Today they stand vindicated. NewsX has accessed a CBCID report that rules out death by drowning. The twist throws the case wide open prompting a basic question—were the girls murdered for daring to challenge the college and why were the cops so quick to allege suicide?