The arrest of Kanhaiya Kumar, student union president in JNU and according to the police and ABVP one of the main organisers of the event in JNU that allegedly eulogised Afzal Guru who was sentenced to death in the parliament attack case, has sent ripples of mistrust and unrest on the campus.
With the BJP, ABVP and other Sangh outfits claiming a victory saying that no anti-national activity will be tolerated, the government has backed them with the home minister himself intervening and sending a JNU student to jail. On the other hand the opposition says that while they agree that anti-India slogans cannot be condoned, the manner and the swiftness in which the Delhi police has swooped down with raids on the campus betrays a selective mindset against those opposed to them politically.
How can glorifying someone convicted of a crime against India be glorified and chanting slogans about the destruction of the country acceptable? The answer perhaps lies in a fair trial.