We have heard the rhetoric—the protestations of a motivated group of opportunistic political parties who have routinely lamented the death of freedom in JNU. 
Tonight is the time for the facts. NewsX has accessed a startling assessment by intelligence agencies who have unmasked the conspiracy that led students to insult mother India. The assessment reveals how a PhD student at JNU named Umar Khalid who has incidentally visited Pakistan and has had contacts with top brass of terror groups, orchestrated meetings between Pak agents and JNU students. These meetings or rather lessons in sedition were held over a period of 45 days leading to the event. 
Umar Khalid somehow arranged for these Pak agents to sneak into JNU and even stay the night inside the campus. Some of these Pak agents are clearly visible in the video tapes of the event that celebrated the death of India and glorified the plotter of December 13 parliament attack. 
Now I want to ask some basic questions. 
First goes out to the JNU administration which has washed its hands off the sordid episode—Is it possible that the JNU administration could have had no inkling that Pak agents had infiltrated hostels and were staying on campus? 
The next question goes out to the activists. Which democracy in the name of freedom of expression gives a free hand to groups to declaim the state and bay for its destruction?  
And the last but not the least goes out to political parties. Are political parties playing with fire by supporting an insurrection orchestrated by separatists and Pak sympathisers in the name of freedom of speech?