For days altogether, opposition political parties led by the Congress under Rahul Gandhi have jumped to make a case for defending the freedom of expression of political groups within the JNU. One such group is the DSU or the Democratic Students Union of which Umar Khalid, wanted for sedition, is a member. Ironically, it now turns out that the UPA led by the Congress Party had placed the DSU on a watchlist.
The UPA told parliament in 2014 that DSU was one of the suspect organisations providing safe havens for mentoring professional revolutionaries’ to be inducted into underground movements. This wasn’t even the first time the UPA made such a claim. In Dec 7, 2011 UPA had made a similar assessment.
Since this is the case, NewsX would like to ask whether the Congress and other opposition parties are politically motivated in voicing support to these organisations, in particular the DSU of Umar Khalid. Will the left and other opposition parties who are today outraged by the incidents in JNU tell us what they did to confront the UPA for tagging this ultra left organisation?