Prime Minister Modi says the Opposition is trying to defame his government and that he will not allow the country to be destroyed. Have the battle lines over the JNU issue been re-drawn? This is the Nation at 9 debate with Jujhar Singh on NewsX channel.
The guests are: Aijaz Ilmi (Spokesperson, BJP), Brijesh Kalappa (National Spokeperson, Congress), Ratan Sharda (RSS thinker), Kamal Farooqui (Political analyst), Subhash Kashyap (Constitutional expert) and Prof. Madhav Nalapat (Editorial Director, The Sunday Guardian).
The Prime Minister’s statement came during a rally in Orrisa. His comments are seen in the context of the JNU issue, where a group of students are accused of raising anti-national slogans on campus on the 9th of February 2016.