For 48 hours Umar Khalid the man behind the pro-Afzal protest in JNU has been defiantly holding out in JNU. Today the high court asked him to surrender.
But Khalid has decided to brazen it out. He has even set terms for his surrender. Why would he resist arrest when he claims he is innocent is beyond everyone’s comprehension. His brazenness on a day when the police has drawn up a report suggesting that the Afzal League indulged in anti-national activities. The police claim the Afzal League chanted 29 anti-India slogans and put up anti-India posters. The police also claim that the Afzal League first misled the JNU administration about the exact nature of their protest and then deliberately ignored the JNU administration’s decision to deny them the permission to hold the event.
Why would the Afzal League have gone to such lengths to hide their intentions if the protest was not anti-national in character is the most obvious question? If the law matters and if those backing Umar Khalid and his co-accused are concerned about upholding it, they would be well advised in asking him to surrender.
Unfortunately, we are seeing a dangerous trend where allowances are being made for those who are wanted for a serious offence. Ladies and gentlemen we’re on the precipice of a slippery slope. The time has come to decide whether we can let the law be mangled to suit political temperaments and expediency. Tonight we hope to set the tone.