The opposition wanted a debate in parliament on the Afzal sedition row and they have got it. Over two days, the houses of parliament have witnessed a feverish debate on this issue.
The opposition has thrown everything they’ve got in their quiver trying to corner the government and establish that it acted with decided malevolence to trample the freedoms of a group of students who stand accused of propagating anti-India sentiments on campus.
While the opposition has fervent and its attacks have been loaded with rhetoric the NDA through the surgical interventions of Smriti Irani and Arun Jaitley have been able to match the onslaught.
In fact given the highly legal and fact laden nature of the NDA’s double barrelled counter attack one can’t help but escape with the feeling that the scales are tilting in the government’s favour.
Nothing was more indicative of this than the petulant walk out staged by the opposition yesterday and the fact that two persistent questions put to the opposition have largely gone unanswered:How is shouting “bharat tere tukde, tukde.Indian army murdabad, bandook sey lengey azaadi.”Not equivalent of inciting hate against India? Can hate speeches made by  ever be justified in the name of free speech?