NewsX investigation into the Ishrat Jahan case has thrown up some startling new revelations.
After a former under secretary in the home ministry came forward yesterday and claimed that he was tortured by an SIT official to endorse the UPA’s second affidavit giving a clean chit to Ishrat a top IB official has now dropped a bombshell.
Speaking to NewsX, Sudhir Kumar, the intelligence bureau man behind the Ishrat Intel has now claimed that the UPA tampered with it to suit an agenda.
This second disclosure read with the claims by GK Pillai the former union home secretary raise serious doubts over why in less than two months the UPA felt it necessary to revise their affidavit doubting the IB’s intelligence input.
The government has come forward and alleged a concerted attempt to incriminate Narendra Modi and Amit Shah by a clutchful of Congress higher ups.