It’s the inconvenient truth about the Ishrat encounter that has been mysteriously ignored for 5 years. But today for the first time on television, NewsX has accessed what many have described as the most conclusive proof that the Ishrat Jahan operation was genuine. 
Here with us is not just the forensic report of the Ishrat Jahan encounter conducted by two unimpeachable bodies, the CFSL and AIIMS, but also the 
man who authored it. 
His forensic investigation of the scene of the encounter unanimously concluded that the Gujarat police did not stage a fake encounter. 
But for some reason, Satish Verma, member of the SIT, rejected this report. 
Satish verma is the same man who has been accused by a former Home Ministry official of torturing him into attempting a cover-up in the Ishrat case. 
Let us speak to professor TD Dogra, the man who was surprised when the SIT set up to investigate the case rejected his conclusive evidence that could have laid to rest all the doubts about the case as latest as 5 years ago.