Thousands of dead fish washed-up on the banks of Ulsoor lake in the very heart of Bengaluru.
They float in the toxic water, dead by the very element which is supposed to sustain them — roof of man’s rampant poisoning of water and reckless disposal of toxic waste.
The deadly lakes of Bengaluru have been frothing for months now. Ringing alarm bells for the administration to wake up to the real and imminent dangers of water pollution and civic apathy. But they fell on deaf ears.
Activists have been cautioning the Siddaramaiah govt, while NewsX has been highlighting the toxicity of these lakes repeatedly. But the netas shirk. They at times blame it on nature, at times on industries. But not one affirmative action has been taken to clean-up the toxins and make the water of this bustling IT city safe for consumption.
Remember. It may be fish today, but you tomorrow.