The battle-lines are drawn, the daggers are out, the stage of confrontation is set — it’s battleground Dharamshala.
Families who scarified their sons for the motherland are angry, families of soldiers who were martyred in the line of duty, braves who died fighting Pakistan’s terror in the valley, heroes who died thwarting attacks from across the border, martyrs’ families have made it clear to the government and the BCCI, that they won’t allow Pakistan’s cricket team to play in Dharamshala.
For them, Pakistan’s flags in the town will be an insult to their sacrifice, but the BCCI won’t relent. The Central government too is not willing to listen to the martyrs’ kin.
Meanwhile, the Himachal CM has clarified that he won’t use force against protesters as they belong to the martyrs’ families.
The big question is, who will the Centre and BCCI choose — martyrs or match?