It’s one gigantic farce. The Supreme Court is considering a petition filed by a consortium of banks to restrict wilful defaulter Vijay Mallya from leaving India, when the individual in question has already fled the country. This sensational and somewhat embarrassing reality was disclosed by the government’s top lawyer Mukul Rohatgi in the court.

 The disclosure raises disturbing questions about the banks in question. Would they have allowed you to flee the consequences had you defaulted on an emi payment? Did they tip-off Mallya before they moved the tribunal seeking his arrest so he could flee the country and evade the consequences?

The attorney general hasn’t ruled out the possibility saying it is too much of a coincidence. This grave fresh charge follows several other alleged misdemeanours on the part of banks. For instance why did bank officials sanction loans to kingfisher knowing full well the risks associated with the company? Were they possibly bribed into avoiding doing due diligence and sanctioning loans?

 Many possibilities exist but given the lack of political will to go after the high and mighty Mallya the answers might have left with him on a jet plane to London.