A day after NewsX reported how CBI had altered the lookout notice against Vijay Mallya so that immigration authorities couldn’t detain him as he left for London, the enforcement directorate has decided to summon him.
Wouldn’t it have been ideal had the ED thought about summoning Mallya when he was in india?
But of course, that couldn’t have happened given the fact that over the last few years, just about every authority had decided to go soft on one of India’s biggest defaulters. 
Heading the let-off league, the tax authorities are the bankers who conveniently re-structured loans and delayed by 4 years declaring Mallya a wilful defaulter. 
Then of course comes CBi that files its FIR in July 2015 but refuses to issue a look-out notice to detain Mallya if he was fleeing the country.
Then came the taxman. The taxman filed TDS case in 2014 but didn’t seek travel restrictions and to top it all, filed a 33 crore service tax evasion case a week after he left India. The babus have also contributed to the Mallya mess not to speak of Diageo that wrote off 2100 crore funds diverted to other companies.
Today the netas are squabbling to attribute blame conveniently forgetting that they re-elected him to the Rajya Sabha despite the fact that his airline was sinking. No wonder Mallya today feels emboldened to question the media as if he is the victim in this case.