Terror has returned to haunt Europe. After Paris, Brussels bled today.
Multiple blasts at the airport and a metro station left scores dead and injured. The ISIS has reportedly claimed responsibility. While a confirmation is awaited, an ISIS link is not improbable mainly because just a few days ago one of the masterminds of the Paris attack was arrested from this city which is also Belgium’s capital.
Many experts are saying that Europe is paying the wages for tolerating Islamist Radicalisms in the name of multiculturalism and liberalism. There is a message for the global community as also of course for India where the war on terror has been hijacked by a self-deluding political correctness.
Of late, in India, a self-styled lobby of liberals has taken it upon itself to view through the prism of communalism any attempt to draw a correlation between terror and Islam. This approach has meant that India’s war on terror is highly politicised and virtually impossible to prosecute without creating a sense of alienation.