Can there be varying shades of communal riots? Can there be a difference on how blood of innocents is spilled?
Kanhaiya Kumar’s wave of popularity and optimism suddenly gets doused by politics, as he drew a red line of distinction between the 1984 and 2002 riots. He seeks to dismiss the anti-Sikh riot as a mob frenzy, while he condemns the post-Godhra riots as violence using state machinery.
The BJP asks why the Congress has been given a clean chit by Kanhaiya, and if his meeting with Rahul Gandhi has coloured his ideals.
Even those who once hailed him as a beacon of hope in Indian politics today seek to distance themselves. They ask what about the 2,800 Sikhs massacred, and the 6 Delhi policemen punished for lapses during the pogrom? 
Do the victims and the families of victim of 1984 riots deserve this?